Coaching & Consulting

I've spent 18+ years in product, first as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies (Citibank, ADP, Agilysys) and late-stage startups (WeWork, Opower) before going in-house. One of many highlights: I led product as a VP at Imperfect Foods from early-stage product-market fit through 26x hyper-growth to Series C and $500M+ in revenue. Having enjoyed an amazing career loving what I do as a product leader, I noticed that the most rewarding hours of my week were now spent helping others do the same.

Since early 2021, I've coached senior product professionals and founders who seek more fulfillment from their roles in tech and leadership:

Patti has cheered me on, pushed me to explore, and prompted reflection at all of the right times in my professional journey. Her support encourages me to continue digging deep to grow in ways I hadn’t even recognized. Her wisdom, experience, feedback, and meaningful insights are always generously shared. I’ve been privileged to work with Patti for over a year, and I am more confident because of Patti’s coaching. - Marjie, Director of Product Management
Patti’s wisdom and creativity helped me sustainably grow our business into an international, multi-million dollar SaaS – without compromising my lifestyle or values. And during the pandemic, our regular check-ins helped me successfully navigate the Great Resignation/Reshuffle. Being a leader can sometimes be lonely and scary. But whenever I’ve struggled or needed help solving a problem, Patti is always a cherished and stalwart ally: helping me unstick and feel joyful about the road ahead. And when things are going well, she never fails to inspire and help me (and those around me) thrive. - Jason, CEO & Founder

I help product leaders align their work to personal values and interests, and then we fill up the toolbelt with tips and frameworks to keep it that way. I typically work with Directors/VP/C-suite and startup Founders who wear the product hat (and need to wear it well). Here are just a few common examples of areas my clients and I focus on:

  • Long-term product vision and planning
  • Improving product strategy and sprint processes
  • Product discovery, user research, and experimentation
  • Org structure and hiring
  • Leading from a place of curiosity and equanimity
  • Dealing with chaos and ambiguity
  • Managing up to C-suite executives and the Board
  • Navigating bringing our whole selves to work
  • Gaining confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome, especially as women in leadership
  • Recharging daily to avoid burnout
  • Getting unstuck

Interested in more? I work with a limited number of teams who know they can make customers 10x happier but have struggled with the product culture, strategy, and org-wide collaboration to do so. Curious? Let's explore!