Career Coaching

I've had to look for a job during a time when I dreaded landing in another toxic environment, yet feeling it was unavoidable. Many milestones later, I was finally seeking my next opportunity with clarity, confidence, and excitement. The difference? Having a great coach in my corner. Now after an amazing 18+ year career doing what I love, I pay that forward with my own thriving clients:

"With Patti’s coaching, I improved the way that I interviewed and started a new role in the position I wanted. I felt significantly more confident because of Patti’s guidance. She generously shares her wisdom and experience and offers meaningful feedback and insights. Now as a first-time Director, my work with her continues to challenge me to grow in ways I hadn't considered.  Patti has cheered me on at every step in my journey."

In this career package, together we will:

  1. Get clear on what you want
  2. Unearth the stories that make you unique
  3. Package using the STAR method so hiring managers can really see you
  4. Practice, practice, practice with mock interviews

This structured sequence spans six 1-hour sessions, plus two optional bonus sessions to discuss opportunities or negotiate an offer. Sessions meet weekly or biweekly over zoom - go at your own pace! And it works: my clients receive competitive offers using this method grounded in proven methods and firsthand experience. As a hiring manager, I've conducted over 400 interviews across product management, engineering, design, and user research. My own journey with this approach once led to engaging over 10 companies, electing to participate in four interview series, and ultimately - resulting in three fantastic offers, all meaningfully increasing what I earned, and all meeting my personal criteria for a fulfilling role.

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